The Basics of ourWorld

There are lots of different things to do in ourWorld. If you haven't already, you'll want to save your game . Once you do everything will be saved for you automatically after that. The main thing to do at first is explore. Check out the different locations, your Condo, other player's Condos and Events. There's a large selection games to play as well.

The main place to explore is the MENU (found in the upper-left of the screen). From there you can explore all the different ourWorld locations and shops. More locations open as you gain levels. You'll need to collect Coins to purchase most ourWorld items. Some high value items require Gems (see below)

Coins can be collected in an assortment of ways.

The basic way to collect Coins is to spend Flow in Prize Central. Each time you spend Flow there, you get either a few Coins or an item. (Selling the items usually gets you more Coins than anything else!)
Coins are also available around ourWorld as prizes for playing different games and/or Challenges.

Gems can be purchased or earned a number of ways. All of them are displayed in the "Get Gems" section of the game. Select the Gem Tab, where your Gem Total is displayed to open it. Explore the Get Gems pages to see how Gems can be collected.

There's lots more, and the best way to discover the rest is by exploring and trying things.  

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