Mayb a Gem or Coin Bank ?

So .. mayb a bank ?! idk about everyone but i am tired of trying to save up for something really expensive and i never achieve it . If we have a bank we can save up coins or gems to get something really valuable such as a res pass . Most of us would save up to get an item on our wishlist however, we get scammed and there fore we have no gems to get the item before its gone for good (im not refering to res :P) lol anyways ... if we have a coin bank we can make it like a real bank . 100,000 coins equals 1 gem . im not sure about that part im not sure how much one gem is but its a good estimate haha . but with this idea it teaches everyone and it helps (ALOT !) to save and protect our money in motivation ! :D think of Neopets for an example . its similiar to that . feel free to improve my idea  or contribute to it just please consider it . thanx(: 


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