Endangered Species as familiar friends PLEASE READ !

ok as we all kno animals such as dolphins, tigers, seals, whales, certain birds and even my favorite wolves are almost extinct . i was inspired in school by my oceanography teacher to take action . i watched a disturbing clip of fisherman trapping dolphins and killing them and the sight broke my heart .I would attach the clip but i am not sure how younger viewers would react and i do not wish to make any one else as sick as i am , but she said some words that almost burned me to tears . "they wil be extinct by the time ur kids are born" Im only 16 ! im not sure when il have kids but im not going to wait til my late 30s thats for sure .i say this to show there is not much time ... Please like and suggest endangered species to be used as a little fimiliar friend or sprite ... whatever animal is bought contributes to the organization to saving these beloved cute intelligent BEAUTIFUL creatures of nature .. im asking u please to help contribute to saving these animals . u dont have to buy anything and im not starting an organization .... yet . lol but i really wish ourworld could kinda pitch in and help like they did with the huskys . but make other animals that contribute to each endangered species . it means alot to me and im sure it will to u all as well . Please consider and help speak out to save these creatures . everyone wants a new fimiliar friend with flow boost and why not help a cause while we are at it . please contribute ideas or like or suggest ways to improve my idea .thanks everyone 


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