Hotels, restaurants, etc.

Hotel: Not all of us have great condos.. so you could have a hotel and it would cost either gems or coins to get in and you could choose if you want someone else to come in.. ( this would work for a " honeymoon" ) 

Restaurant: We have the diner.. but what if you could actually make the food, and take orders.. the food would cost like 1 gem or 50 coins.. but it would boost your flow.

Amusement Park: We have the beach but what if there were actual rides.. What if there were contests like shoot water into the clown's mouth.. with prizes..

Movie Theater: We do have the slideshow place.. but what if there was a place to make movies and be able to watch them! 

Creation Store: Where you can make furniture or clothes and buy them for your home or for your character to wear! 

Camping spot: There would be two choices: A cabin or a Tent.. You could fish... make s'mores.. have a campfire.. etc. 



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