Michael Jackson monthly items and Naruto mystery box!

I know there's a thriller set already but lets push it a bit. Michael jackson items should come out as monthly items like his Signature "Bad era" Clothing. I have photos to give you guys a visual. When I say Michael Jackson items I mean things like his Eyeliner, his glove, the hat, the socks, even HIS CURLY HAIR! That would be great to see and even some of his outfits he wore in his videos like in smooth criminal. That suit on an ourWorld avatar would be so cool to see. Refer to the attachments to see what I mean.


And come on who doesn't love Naruto! A naruto mystery box can have things like Sasuke's Eye, naruto's hair and face marks, his clothing even sakura's hair and outfit! And sasuke's hair on an ourworld would be pretty cool. (I honestly love to see sasuke's eye on ourworld that would be great!) I have photos below to show what I mean on these suggestions. Please comment or add more ideas to this one. 


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