Making Trading More Convenient

Don't Get me wrong i enjoy Trading with everyone but there are defiantly some things i would LOVE to change!


FIRST: When it comes to offering on something in the market, rather than having to keep on having to go back and click "add item" for each item you want to offer they should make it so that you can select the multiple items that you want (they would be highlighted) and then when your done it would let you look at what you picked THEN let you confirm that you want to send that offer ...im just saying idk about you guys but i hate having to keep on going back and forth threw all my items over and over again with one simple offer.


SECOND: I think that we should be able to click on the persons name (that sent you an offer ) and have it take you to there profile! i HATE trying to search complicated usernames just to ask them to change something in a trade or see what else they have! 


THIRD: You know that top bar (when offering on someone things) that allows you to either choose from your furniture items or display your newest things.. they should have an option that would "sort" (since that's what they call it) out the items that are "guy/girl" I hate having to trade a guy for some wings etc. and not knowing what i can and can not offer or having to search threw allll my items to find what i can offer. They should just make a "guy/girl item" sort option so we don't have to search for the correct items I suppose this could also work for other things to like more specific sorting options like hair..wings etc.


Hopefully those things made sense lol

What do you guys think about how things are with trading? anything you would change??


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