Every day gems for logging back on!

There should be gems for whenever you log back on you get 70 gems for each log on! I mean like we want gems so we can get stuff to. And if we log on everyday for a week then we get 1,000,000  gems! That's one million gems!! We need these gems for whenever you log back on to ourworld thing , I mean like we could all just be so happy for having gems, but the only punishing they will have is if you miss a day you HAVE  to start over! Go ahead if i were the ourworld maker i would really add this idea. It's not crazy or stupid it's just perfect!! ( Here's some little things it should come with)

  1. You should get your gems right away, because what if you visit some place and your leaving soon and you have no computer access at home you'll want your gems right away not in 3-10 days,and get your gems in 5-10 minutes no more than that!

  2. The gems should always give you the right amount of gems.

  3. If you miss a day  ( or more than one) you get 60 gems ,but then for the rest of the week  you get 70.

  4. If you log out and then log back on you should get 40 gems, because we WANT and NEED them BADLY!!

  5. If you log off you should still have your gems and have no hacking for gems.

  6. You get twice as many gems for the next week and it keeps going ,and maybe in one month you have 10,000,000 gems or even more!!

  7. Gems should always be able to earn.

  8. Gems should load fastly on computer when you recieve them

  9. People should be happy and never have to do surveys, videos, purchase gems, become a resident to get gems, get Zoe's club for gems, or hack. The only thing that you can still do is the ourworld toolbar, facebook page, and gem codes. And when you do it you should get 40 gems and not 10!!

  10. Enjoy the new ourworld and ask me for more things to add so you guys can all agree to me!!

                        From, Eli Kanduski       Hope you guys love my thought!!


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