ourWorld Crew Updates

First off:

I'll explain how it works

The leaders get have a brand new panel added to the profile of the crew. In that, they have a secret panel called "Crew Control"

This list enables them to; Set what we're going to refer to as now as Minimum Requirements page, Requests to join and a Block page

The Block Page works like normal blocking except leaders now have the option of going to a players profile and blocking them from the crew

  • For example, If EXAMPLE was causing trouble in the crew, we would boot them. But by re-entering the crew they could continue, so now one of the leaders must go to their profile and block them. Once they click the block button, a message will appear giving you one of 2 options "Block This Player" or "Block This Player FROM YOUR CREW" The best part of this is that, that user's name will be stored in the Crew Control page, where you can unblock them at any time.

The Minimum Requirements page allows the leaders to set the minimum requirements for a member to enter, They have the option to set: (I'll give an example)
Gem Star: || TO || (leave blank if not needed )
Set Rank To: Rank 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (It will give you the rank names)

And finally, Members can now ASK about joining a crew rather than rigorous crew invites making it more communal and involving for everyone and makes crews easier to expand!
We call this the "Request to join" page. Whereby it will look like the image below, Whereby you can send that and request to join a crew.
Now I know there's going to be people saying NOPE YOU CAN'T DO THAT YOU'LL GET SPAMMED!
Well here you are: You can only send 5 requests per day, and if you get accepted, when the leaders try to accept you, they'll get a message saying
"Sorry but this user already has joined a crew!"


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