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I joined ourWorld in 2010 so I've seen it go through many many changes. I'm hoping to add more to the list and look forward to a more interactive ourWorld community! I've tried my best to think through all of the cons and I apologize if any of these have been previously mentioned, I just thought it would be a good idea to gather all of my ideas into one simple post.I don't know if any of these will even be possible, but I hope to just help generate ideas at least. Thank you!

1.) When accessing the marketplace through another players profile, you should be able to see yourself as you do in the original marketplace. This would make it easier to trade as you wouldn't have to close out of the profile and go to the Market just to make sure that you like how the item looks on your character before offering the trade.

2.) Viewing enchantments. Perhaps ourworld has a reason for doing this, but I think it would be beneficial if players could actually see what the enchantment looks like on their character before actually buying it (Like it does with clothing items). 

3.) Birthday features. I don't think ourWorld should go out of their way and do something crazy like give a player free residency or 1,000 gems, but I do believe it would be nice to be recognized for your birthday. Perhaps they could offer a set with special birthday items (hats, gloves, shoes) that would offer small flow boosts, or a special section on your profile that says "Today is (Player Name)'s birthday! Why don't you surprise them with a gift, or a nice comment?" Something simple that would make players feel more involved individually.

4.) Parties. Perhaps ourworld could start an annual event that takes place monthly/yearly in the restaurants and such. Like an annual Halloween party at Buzz where players go and play games or earn trophies or even special rares (For example throwing an item enough times would earn the trophy "Prankster" or something.). Something that would cause players to interact with each other again.

5.) Rarity level. Items become rare too easily in my opinion. I believe the rarity of an item should be based on how rare it actually is. If not many players have an item any more or its hard to get a hold of it should be marked as "Extremely Rare" or something.

6.) Popularity; what's the point? Popularity should come with rewards. The more things you do to help grow ourWorld and your popularity, the more rewards you get. I believe it would give players something more to sought after and interact with. 

7.) Engage in the community! Something needs to be done to get players to interact again. OurWorld used to be so much fun; you could go to many islands and it was always full of people. Now people only want to trade and get good items, and it's sad  to see ourWorld like this. Something needs to be done that will get players to interact again. We need something bigger than trading that will attract the players attention!

8.) Jobs should pay. In reality when someone does a job they are typically paid for it, so players should get paid for the time that they work. Since jobs are limited to 15 minutes, perhaps ourworld could set a set price per minute? (Kinda how people get $7.50 an hour?) I believe this would get more players to interact with the job system. Perhaps they could even make it to where you are actually interactive in the jobs and have certain days of the week that you need to work? This would cause players to play more if they happened to get a job because they would risk being fired. Of course this wouldn't be good for everyone since some players are older and actually have jobs so maybe they could set up a part-time/one-time system or just leave it as is so players work whenever. I mean we already have marriage and kids so why not?

9.) Events should come with certain tasks to complete. Kind of like in the Sims 4 where parties and weddings have "Goals" to complete in order to make the event legendary and such. It would be a cool way to keep players involved if they had this option. Perhaps the prize could be something cool depending on the level of event. Like if they hold an event they can compete to get a "Bronze", "Silver", "Gold", or "Legendary" ranking event and receive different items for how their events rank out. Maybe other players could rate the event to help with the ranking system. It's just a thought but maybe offer a coool mystery box for Legendary rankings or a prize of gems or something? It wouldn't be too easy for players to earn such a high ranking event, but again it's just a thought.

10.) Mr. Moles color option? Most of the time I find myself going to Mr. Moles only to leave empty handed. It's disappointing to find an item I may like only to not end up buying it because the color isn't the one I fancy. Perhaps Mr. Mole could offer a few different colors on the items that he finds? Or maybe he could offer a wider selection of items.

11.) Engage players in ourworld's story! OurWorld has a very unique story with how Azia and all of them discovered it, so use it to your advantage! Many players quit nowadays because ourworld is boring and they don't have good rares so perhaps you could set up adventures for players to go on and learn more about ourworld! Maybe this could give new title options to players on their profile around the tourist area. Say if a player were to complete every adventure and discover the deepest secrets of ourworld they would earn the title of "Legendary Adventurer" on their profile and perhaps an award of some sort. 

I have many more and could make this post extremely long but I believe I'll end it here. Again, these are just a few ideas that I believe could help improve ourworld and enhance it's features. If anyone agrees or disagrees or has pros and cons to any of the above please feel free to leave suggestions! Thank you for taking the time to read! Please continue to enjoy ourworld. <3

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