New features

I have some good ideas for ourworld, please tell me if this would be good for ourworld, these are just ideas


1. Phones 

from the past, ive been in contact with the people at flowplay with ideas, they told me that anything with changing ourworld like feature/new places wise would be critical to ourworld. but I would love this feature on ourworld, it would be great to do voicechats as well like the big chat party thing, or buy phones on the store and can get ur own little number :)


2. Swimming pools

so ourworld does have a Place call the beach where u could swim and things but having a pool in ur condo will be amazing.


3. having kids

This topic has been talked about many of times and i know some parents wouldn't approve even though this is a teen game, there are small children who play this game and if their parents wouldnt approve of it. I do think this would be a good feature, just like the garden feature, you just click a button, baby is made, and its ur job to take care of it, it can also give flow/coins or whatever when u take care of it


Remember when we had a movie theater? Why not bring that back? i would love to go there every week and sit an enjoy a movie, that is fun for us, and more time on ourworld which will bring in more people :)


These are all the ideas i have for rn, if anyone would like to add or take these ideas into consideration, id love to talk.



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