Parrot Theme Suggestion for ESA Promotion?

So I've had this idea for a few days now and I wanted to share it. For clothing and other items. I know a lot of people here actually love animals and some even own birds, and as a bird owner, I was thinking we could help spread awareness about endangered species through themes.

Last year, the Spix Macaw became extinct in the wild, and I don't think there are even very many in captivity. Additionally, the California and Andean Condors are critically endangered although their populations are improving. The Harpy Eagle is losing its habitat to deforestation, and the Philippine Eagle is also losing its habitat. Since most people would find parrots more appealing, we could use them to promote the efforts made by the ESA to protect these birds. Their colorful patterns are attractive, and they're actually adorable in general (like a budgie).

An example I'd like to see would be a little budgerigar (what is more commonly known as a parakeet) that sits on your head like the Bug Buddy items. We could use their natural green pattern and their blue, yellow and white mutations for their colors. Additionally, we could have feathery clothing or shirts with a picture of a parrot on it. 


I don't know how many people would like this idea but I think it'd be nice to promote something for the ESA since birds are such a big part of the environment around the world. 

Thanks for reading.

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