Ways to improve mystery boxes

So ourworld may remove mystery boxes because they are no longer legal or something like that.

So I was thinking it's kinda sad we no longer have mystery boxes. Fright mystery box 2019? Nope. Alien themed mystery box? Yeah-no. It's prob gonna be the same for christmas and they will most likely remove the light/dark and bento mystery boxes forever too. And what if sets start being considered as mystery boxes too? 

Then why can't ourworld do some spin wheels instead the boxes, you buy it as a ticket or a try and then spin the wheel to win the prize? Or  maybe, make a ticket that let's say costs 100 gems? And now don't drop this idea just yet, let's say you have to do small quests daily to get special ticket currecy to trade it for prizes? The quests can be given by Zoe, Caden or Veronica, doesn't matter which NPC, let's say the one you pick. Then depending by their personality trait, they give you a daily quests. Like, make 5 new friends, spend 15k coins, send 3 friend emails, whisper <random message here> (for exmple if it's halloween BOO) to 6 people? Now you have a person who comes daily to get the rewards. Add extra daily to residents and zoe's (unfair but ow needs money also). This will give more character to the NPCs and maybe they give some backstory to ourworld's creation. When you do these quests with a certain NPC you level friendship level with them and get extra prizes, like a decal, cool shirt maybe at max some high level boost pet. The top 3 best-ests buddies of NPCs get some special prizes or like the first place gets heart from that NPC. Ourworld already has mini quests on certain NPCs, why not go all the way? People get something new, more prizes and maybe a few extra people consider investing more in the game. Sounds good to me.


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