Collections or Contest Ideas

This is my first post so here I go.

Collections have taken place of mystery boxes. I feel like there should be a hair collection, featuring styles from short to long hair. A mix of what people have been saying they want. And a collection for mouths or eyebrows. Something to give the characters more expressions and depth.

However, with this set of Summer 2020 items, I noticed that there was a lack of original items. I know they are busy coding the game and setting it up for a different platform. But I feel like players should have a lot of say so in the items.

A lot of people I have played with quit because there was not a lot of good new items. I hope it is possible to have yearly to bi-yearly contests of designing new items. Or that designs could be submitted and used for the next set of stuff. (I attached a quick sketch of mine to use as an example).

The reason I'm posting this is so that maybe there can be a change to the game. I'm tired of seeing the same faces and hairs. Please let there be hope.



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